Event Partnerships

You know it would be a mistake to brush sponsorships aside, or to treat them as anything less than valued partners. Sponsors are your key to publicity and long-term sustainability, and they require the same care as your event attendees. To make the most of your sponsorships, they should be treated as more than transactional contributors, but as true partners — as relationships well worth nurturing. But setting up an organized sponsorship program that truly shines a light on your special event, attracting those partners, can be an overwhelming process.

The Event Lab has extensive experience building and managing sponsorship programs that complement your goals while setting you up for years of growth. We don't just provide support; we become intimately involved in your event and give your team personalized tools to craft a sponsorship program meant to last.

Here's How.

Identify Sponsors Aligned with Your Message.

How much energy would you save if you didn’t have to research prospective sponsors from scratch? If you felt secure that their brand was aligned with your mission? If you knew they had a history of sponsoring events like yours?

The Event Lab will help your team compile a vetted list of prospects whose sponsorships will reflect well on your event — allowing you to experience success for years to come.

Design Sponsorship Opportunities Based on Real Value.

You believe in hosting an event built on integrity, and that means constructing a sponsorship program that reflects the value you provide.

There’s an art and a science behind what an event charges a sponsor. When The Event Lab takes you through the process of property valuation, you’ll be able to justify your sponsorship levels and secure more supporters.

Manage Relationships and Make Sales.

Transforming a prospect into a sponsor requires momentum, consistency, and relationship-building.

This is where The Event Lab truly excels. We guide your team through tried-and-true methods of nurturing prospects, presenting them with well-suited sponsorship opportunities, and securing sales establishing partnerships that make all parties happy.

Follow-Through with Sponsorship Commitments.

From proper logo exposure to content management, fulfilling the requirements of your sponsorship contract can quickly become overwhelming. And when you’re bogged down by the daily details of event communications and planning, it’s easy to forget your sponsors — especially when your event is still months away.

The Event Lab will set up calendar reminders, track audience impressions, and work closely with your team to ensure you are satisfying all your sponsors’ expectations.

Show Sponsors You’ve Gone Above and Beyond.

After you’ve celebrated your successful event, let your sponsors relive the excitement. The Event Lab will work with your team to develop customized reports for each sponsor to demonstrate how you’ve proudly showcased their support.

These reports can also be used in following years as part of your sales strategy, helping new prospective sponsors visualize the positive publicity they could receive by aligning their brand with your event.

Sustainable growth requires a focused strategy and smart internal processes that facilitate relationships and ensure memorable experiences.

Sponsorships are no exception, and when we guide you through the process of creating and maintaining a program that makes your sponsors proud to be a part of your event, you’ll continue reaping the benefits for years to come.

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